Your Representation

Who are your representatives?

The leaders of Students Union are students elected by YOU, the Students.

Because GK Unions is a Partnership between the Students' Union of the University of Greenwich and Kent Union, you as a GK Unions student, have a whole host of Representatives who are there to make your voice heard.

Students Union of Greenwich Officers

Kent Union Officers


James Burns - PRESIDENT

Hey! I’m James, and like Dave, I’m a second year Undergrad Music Tech student here at Medway. I’m a songwriter, producer and I enjoy running (usually it’s for some kind of food though), I’m also the President of SAM! SAM is here to make your life in Medway that bit better! We’re gonna be putting on events throughout the year, and, campaigning for Medway as a whole to make it an even more awesome place to be. #WeAreSAM



My name’s Dave Perry and I’m a second year Undergraduate Music Technology student here on the Medway campus. I’m a producer, filmmaker and photographer, and I’m the Vice President of Students at Medway, or SAM, and am excited to get to work improving the student experience on our campus! I want to use SAM to improve the social life around campus and give the new freshers the true student experience that they really want, because together #WeAreSAM!.


Emma Greenwood

I'm Emma and I study Event and Experience Design (EED) within the School of Music and Fine Art. I love to put on events and enjoy going out with friends and going on long bike rides. I think SAM is a great way to get more happening around Medway for everyone, I want there to be more nights out and socials on so people can get to know each other.