GK PLAN 2017-20

The partnership between Students’ Union Greenwich and Kent Union has been in place since 2005 and although it has evolved over that time, both in terms of its services and identity, GK Unions continues to put students at the heart of its activity.

The Medway campus and the demographic of students will continue to change in the short to medium term and influenced by changes to University programmes; expansion of Higher Degree Apprenticeships; expansion of Kent campus at the Historic Dockyard and changing priorities for students. The Students’ Unions of Greenwich and Kent have worked hard over the last 12 years to improve student experience at Medway with the Student Hub an example of the partnership delivering tangible change for our members.

The new GK Unions Plan 2017-2020 is more focused and describes the key strategic areas of work specifically for Medway and the team will continue to focus on ongoing activity which includes: increasing student participation; employment through our own services and JobShop; growing and sustaining sports clubs and societies; increasing volunteering opportunities; student advice and support; improving our late night entertainment and ensuring the new Student Hub is accessible for as many of our student groups as possible.

Our Vision

To be the access point and main service provider for co-curricular activity at the Medway Campus; delivering first class services to Kent and Greenwich students enabling the development of a wide range of student communities.

This plan complements the new Strategic Plans for Students’ Union, University of Greenwich and Kent Union which also run from 2017 to 2020:

Student's Union, University of Greenwich


  • Represent our members and support them to effect change through representation, influencing the University and wider influence locally and nationally.
  • Ensure our members have a positive student experience by supporting health and wellbeing, student communities, employability, money management, as well as working closer with the local community.

Kent Union


  • Standing Up For Students: Every student deserves to have an active role in shaping their education and ensuring their voices are heard.
  • Best Time At Kent: Every student deserves to have an outstanding experience at Kent, to participate in a wide range of co-curricular experiences and be part of a community of students.
  • Life After Kent: Every student deserves access to opportunities that equip them with the skills, knowledge, experience and confidence to help them progress their life.

BY 2020:


Greenwich and Kent based Medway students will be better represented by their Students’ Unions and NSS results for both Students’ Unions and their academic representation will have improved across the life of the plan

A representation review will have been completed with recommendations being implemented

Work will have been completed to better understand the student demographic at Medway to inform changes to student voice, representation and how we engage non-traditional students

Every student will have access to an active academic society

Students’ Union, University of Greenwich will develop the academic societies remit and support over the time of the strategic plan

Kent Union will map out current provision and develop an academic societies programme

GK Unions will be funded to deliver a comprehensive ‘Give it a Go’ Programme involving student led activities and events and trips to local and regional attractions

We will have successfully piloted a broader ‘Give it a Go’ programme and secured additional funding to increase activity for the 2018-19 academic year

Work will have started to increase, enhance and improve sports facilities on the Medway Campus

We will have developed an options appraisal for on campus sports facilities and secured commitment from the Universities of Greenwich and Kent to invest in increasing and enhancing sports facilities at Medway

The GK Unions brand and terms of reference will have been reviewed and students will have a greater awareness of services available by GK Unions and their home unions

The terms of reference for the partnership will have been reviewed and a commitment and budget secured to review branding and identity across 2018-19

We will be better able to demonstrate our impact to stakeholders and student engagement will have increased across the life of the plan

We will have completed a review of our KPIs and agreed a way forward to better measure and reflect student engagement for all students at Medway

Our officers will be integrated in to the strategic conversation and aspiration to make Medway a vibrant University town

Every student will be able to access GK Unions and their home union services via a seamless digital experience

The new GK Unions’ website and membership system will have been launched by September 2018

Our students will see an integrated calendar of events and activities for Medway and their institution’s other campuses

The first fully integrated calendar will be trialled from September 2018

Satisfaction with our events and entertainment programme will have increased across the life of the plan

Student satisfaction with GK Unions and the Student Hub will improve across the life of the plan

We will have reviewed our approach to student surveys to ensure that samples for key data are more representative