Students’ Unions are membership organisations and democracy is at the heart of all we do.

Every year, hundreds of Kent, Greenwich and Christ Church students stand for election to a range of elected roles, so they can represent the views of other students and lead student groups.

What are the Leadership Elections?

Your students’ union is guided by its’ members and the Leadership Elections are your chance to become one of the Full Time Officers leading the way and making the student experience even better for their fellow students across both the Medway campus and your home campus.

Every elected role provides the opportunity for students to lead and represent students, build leadership skills and gain valuable experience, all of which are crucial for succeeding in a challenging job market.

Why should you get involved?

Campaigning can be a really rewarding experience giving you vital leadership skills and training. Elected students have the ability to drive change, leading campaigns or organising events. You can steer the direction of the student body or wider university, and advance the causes that you and your peers believe in.

Last year we had three Medway based students standing in the Leadership Elections, all of which were focused on improving the student experience on your campus! Imagine how great it would be to have a member of your student group in a vital role of your union…. They can help to improve and shape the Medway experience for you!


Kent Union Greenwich SU CCSU
Nominations Open 21st Jan 28th Jan 21st Jan
Nominations Close 11th Feb 14th Feb 13th Feb
Candidate Training 12th – 15th Feb 15th Feb
Campaigning & Debates 25th Feb – 1st Mar 27th Feb 25th Feb
Voting Opens 4th Mar 4th Mar 4th Mar
Voting Closes 8th Mar 7th Mar 7th Mar
Results 8th Mar 8th Mar 8th Mar

What are the roles?

There are different roles for you to stand for depending on which union you belong to. Each position starts in the 2019/20 academic year. However, you will be required to attend training and take your space in office from earlier in the year (again this varies from each SU).

Remember, you do not have to be a final year student to run in your Leadership Elections! Whilst some candidates choose to run in their final year, candidates also have the ability to take a year out in the middle of their studies to be full time officers.

Click below to find out more about the roles each union offers.

Students’ Union President

The Students’ Union President provides leadership for Kent Union working with and on behalf of students to ensure that the organisation provides the very support to students during study. They are responsible for the development of Kent Union and Chair of the Board of Trustees. The President is also a member of a number of senior university committees, including University Council and Senate and holds relationships with senior University staff and external stakeholders.

Vice-President (Academic Experience)

The VP Academic Experience is Kent Union’s lead officer for academic representation and educational campaigning. Representing the undergraduate experience in an academic context they are the lead Officer for the undergraduate student rep system and academic societies. They sit on the highest academic committees in the university and are tasked in fulfilling the union’s education strategy.

Vice-President (Postgraduate Experience)

The VP Postgraduate Experience will be providing the postgraduate perspective on issues which impact their student experience. They will be lead officer on national issues such as postgraduate funding, training and support; academic issues such as supervision and GTA concerns; employment issues; satellite campuses including European Centres which are comprised solely of Postgraduate students; welfare concerns such as finance and housing; and community development including events and activities out of term time alongside the Kent Graduate Student Association.

Vice-President (Welfare and Community)

The VP Welfare and Community is Kent Union’s lead officer for campaigning to defend the rights of and improve the wellbeing of students. They are the union’s lead on wellbeing, liberation, housing and the local community based projects. The officer will also be responsible for Kent Union’s work on the environment and sustainability.

Vice-President (Student Engagement)

The VP Student Engagement is the lead Officer for student groups, including sports clubs, societies, community action groups, RaG and student media. They promote, defend and develop our co-curricular activities and work towards engaging as many students into Kent Union as possible. The officer will also be leading on employability, alumni engagement and awards.

In response to the Big Choice referendum Greenwich will now have 4 open GSU Officer positions. These open roles are more flexible to allow students to campaign on their needs and interests, which often go beyond set role descriptions.

All students will run against each other, and the four students with the most votes win. The candidate with the most votes will have the opportunity to become President, and the three candidates with the next highest vote count will then become Vice Presidents.

Duties that must be divided amongst Officers are given below:


The President of the Students' Union is the figurehead for the organisation and the first point of contact for many external organisations. The President's role is to coordinate the activities of the GSU Officer Team and lead on Union Development.

  • Provide the main channel of communication with the University on matters of Union

  • policy and the needs of our membership

  • Act as the spokesperson for the Union to the media (via the University Press Office) and on other occasions as required

  • Liaise with the Chief Executive regarding the effective running of the organisation including all aspects of Union and strategic development

  • Lead and manage the GSU Officer team

Lead on campaigning for the welfare and wellbeing of Greenwich students.

  • Lead initiatives to support student wellbeing including Mental Health

  • Support the work on liberation, championing the work of students. This includes BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic), Disabled, LGBTQ+, and Women students. In particular, empower and facilitate group leaders to form active networks

  • Working with the permanent staff team, enable Advice Outreach initiatives for all Greenwich students

  • Ensure student welfare needs are identified and reported effectively throughout University structures by working closely with the permanent staff team

Lead on all issues relating to the education of the student body.

  • Empower student academic representatives through effective communication

  • Ensure the student voice is heard throughout the University by overseeing the strategic development of the Academic Reps Network

  • Ensure student academic needs are identified and reported effectively throughout the University and at all levels of education (e.g. module, programme, department, and faculty) by working closely with SU and University staff

  • Lead on reporting academic issues throughout the University and SU

  • Liaise with the Representation and Advice Team regarding the effective running of academic representation and activity structures, and identify trends in academic issues

Lead on the provision and development of a wide range of accessible activities, facilities and services for the student body.

  • Ensure students are enabled to participate in extracurricular activities and opportunities by working closely with the Activities Team

  • Represent the needs of students who participate in sports and societies by facilitating the Sports and Societies Executive, and reporting to this group on activity

  • Empower Group Leaders through effective communication

Students’ Union President

As the Union President you will:

  • Further the educational advancement of students within their studies and in matters related to their studies, individually and collectively.

  • Represent and enhance student experiences with their courses and modes of study across all faculties, whilst including elements which have an impact on the academic experience such as learning resources, learning support, learning and teaching policies, and quality and standards processes.

  • Represent the student voice on a number of University committees, including but not limited to Academic Board, Education and Student Experience Committee, and the Quality Monitoring and Review sub-committee.

  • Be responsible for the Academic Representation system and Student Reps across the University within all courses, school reps, faculty reps and committee reps.

  • Be responsible for the engagement of academic groups (e.g. postgraduates, part-time students, mature students).

  • Be responsible for the academic and course based societies (e.g. Midwifery, Psychology, History).

  • Lead on campaigns that revolve directly around education and academic experience.

President (Welfare)

As the President (Wellbeing) you will:

  • Further and advocate the wellbeing of students, individually and collectively, whilst enhancing student involvement in the community.

  • Represent and enhance student experiences in relation to their wellbeing and students’ life in the community, with a focus on sustainability.

  • Represent the student voice on a number of University committees, including but not limited to Expect Respect, Sustainability, Suicide Prevention Strategy Group, Nightline Board of Stakeholders, Professional Services Sub-Committee.

  • Represent the student voice in matters related to wellbeing including mental, physical and sexual health) and liberation including LGBT, BME, International.

  • Be responsible for the societies who actively campaign for issues surrounding student citizenship and wellbeing.

  • Lead on campaigns that revolve directly around wellbeing, citizenship and liberation.

President (Sports and Engagement)

As the President (Sports and Engagement) you will:

  • Further the Sports and physical activity advancement of students, individually and collectively, whilst enhancing student involvement with Christ Church Students’ Union.

  • Represent and enhance student experiences within club Sports, university recreational Sports, and Sports as a wellbeing opportunity for all students, as well as lead on student involvement with activity related to Union, such as Freshers’ Fayre, Freshers’ activities, Personal Development Week activities.

  • Represent the student voice on a number of University committees, including but not limited to Sports Strategic Group, Varsity Steering Group, Commercial Steering Group, and Summer Ball.

  • Represent Christ Church Students’ Union in BUCS.

  • Be responsible for engagement related to casual Sports participation (e.g. CC Sports Initiatives, Intramural).

  • Be responsible for activity related societies (e.g. Dance, Self Defense & Wellbeing).

  • Lead on championing events aimed at student engagement with the Union.

  • Lead on campaigns that revolve directly around Sports and physical activity.

President (Development)

As the President (Development) you will:

  • Further the development of students through extra-curricular activities and skills development opportunities beyond their studies, individually and collectively.

  • Represent and enhance student experiences through creating and nurturing student networks, whilst advocating development through non-academic activity.

  • Represent the student voice on a number of University committees, including but not limited to Higher Education Achievement Record, Volunteering, Personal Development and Careers.

  • Represent Christ Church Students’ Union at Broadstairs, Medway, and Tunbridge Wells.

  • Lead to establish, support and develop student communities (Student interest societies, non-campaigning communities).

  • Be responsible for enhancing student engagement with non-academic activity, such as volunteering and skills development opportunities, including placements and enterprise.

  • Aid in the initial creation and development of all student communities.

  • Lead on campaigns that revolve directly around student development.

Students at Medway Committee President

Nominate yourself to represent and act as the voice for all University of Kent students who are on a program of study based at the Medway campus and to feedback key issues that affect their student experience to both the University and Kent Union.

Role Activities

In your role, you will:

  • Take a leading role in organising events and campaigns for Medway Students.

  • Hold and chair ‘Students at Medway’ Committee Meetings at least twice a month to communicate and update any other members of the committee.

  • Manage the ‘Students at Medway’ Committee budget.

  • Attend and represent Medway Students at University Meetings as required.

  • Report back to the Home Unions Full-Time Officers at least once a month.

  • Help promote ‘Students at Medway’ Committee elections.

  • Attend Part-Time Officer Training.

  • Help to increase engagement with the home Universities by attending welcome talks and open days.

  • Ensure that the ‘Students at Medway’ Committee follows all of Greenwich and Kent Unions policies and procedures, including Health & Safety, Equal Opportunities, General Data Protection Regulations (2018), and Sponsorship & Advertising.

Role Benefits

In your role, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Develop new key skills such as advocacy, representation and leadership.

  • Network and meet new people.

  • Make a real difference to your student experience and a positive difference to other students’ lives.

  • Log your time towards the ‘Greenwich/ Kent Student Certificate in Volunteering’ award (GSCV / KSCV).

Support & Training

To help you in your role we will provide training and support, including:

  • Part-Time Officer Training.

  • Support from the Student Leadership Coordinator at GK Unions.

  • Support from Greenwich and Kent Students’ Unions Presidents.

  • Support from Greenwich and Kent Union’s Representation & Democracy Departments.


To be one of the ‘Students at Medway’ Committee Presidents you must be a current Medway student and a member of Greenwich or Kent Students’ Union.

To nominate yourself as Students at Medway Committee President, please visit our Elections page.

Get involved

So you want to get involved… What next? For more home union specific information and to nominate yourself please click on one of the logo’s below to visit your union website. If you have been inspired by someone at uni, they could be just what we’re looking for. Perhaps you have a fantastic committee president, a committed Student Rep or just know someone with some great ideas then recommend a student and we’ll do the rest!