Student Hub Success

The Student Hub and our new café and bar The Deep End officially opened on 16th January 2017 and has been a huge success

29 student led events held in the hub

10 volunteer projects for you to get involved in

14 student group training & exec meetings

70 give it a go sessions

The hub also hosted


Team Medway Sports Awards


GK Unions Awards


LGBT+ Ball


Refreshers Fair


Dockyard Ball for Kent Business School and SMFA


Diversity Fair

2016/17 Officer Team Achievements

Raised awareness and supported students to register to vote

Contiued work towards Zero Tolerance to sexual harassment in Medway

Opening of the Student Hub

Supported students during the School of Music and Fine Art consultation

Secured £23.5K from the universities of Kent and Greenwich to assess sports facilities options in Medway

Developed an exam destress programme with the Drill Hall library and student hub

Increased nominations in the student led teaching awards for the faculty of engineering and science

Your Call Your Hall - Putting students' voices back into university accomodation

Supported students at Medway college committee to raise safety concerns over street lighting between and within Pembroke and the Dockyard

Started plans to improve academic representation in Medway in 2017-20












What students have said

Jonathan Hayward

Criminal Justice & Criminology, 1st Team Men's Basketball Captain and Vice President

I am about to graduate from the university of Kent with a degree in criminal justice & criminology. My main hobbies are basketball and rugby which I played through primary, secondary school and sixth form.

Throughout my three years at the Medway campus I have thoroughly enjoyed playing basketball and volunteering as a member of Team Medway. I have made friends with team mates from across the world including Greece, Japan and the Philippines. Playing sport at university has given me and my team the opportunity to play at the Copper box arena and to raise money for charity with the Medway RAG society. I have gained numerous interpersonal skills such as leadership and confidence that are transferable skills that I can use in my future occupation.

Playing sport at university has also allowed me to gain the KSCV Gold & Gold Plus award for 200 hours of volunteering that I can put on my CV to illustrate to employers my skills, diligence and experiences of volunteering. I have also enjoyed the social events like the varsity launch party and Team Medway socials after each game on Wednesday where I had the chance to bond with my teammates and other teams from Team Medway. The best event of the year has to be Varsity where Team Medway takes on Team Greenwich in a sports tournament where all teams from each sport play each other. This is a fun event where we get to support each other and play in front of a great atmosphere. The final event of the year is sports awards where we get dressed up, enjoy a dinner and celebrate the successes of Team Medway teams and players.

The advice that I would give future Team Medway students would be to get involved in as many opportunities as possible and to enjoy their sporting and voluntary experience. I wish all Team Medway teams and players the best of luck for next season and with their studies. #TeamMedway #TMB

Chiara Gattoni

MSc Sport and Health Sciences, Team Medway Basketball Club (President), Team Medway Executive Committee (Participation Officer)

I am a third-year PhD student at the School of Sports and Exercise, University of Kent. I have many hobbies, but the main one is surely sport. I have played basketball at semi-professional levels, but I had a serious injury and I stopped playing for many years. When I arrived here in Medway three years ago though, I decided to join the women’s basketball club. What I have experienced in these years, both as president and member of the club, has been absolutely amazing.

Being part of Team Medway allowed me to enjoy and practice the sport that I love, but I have realised that it gave me much more than that. I have met incredibly nice people who welcomed me since the first day of my Team Medway adventure. I have socialised with students from both Kent and Greenwich Universities, of different nationalities, background and age. I have had the chance to play in the BUCS league, to play Varsity and to get an award as most improved club of the year 2017 at the Team Medway Sports Awards. I have also learnt so many things in terms of organisation, self-confidence, time management, leadership and volunteering.

I HAVE ENJOYED EVERY SINGLE MOMENT OF THIS EXEPERIENCE! Therefore, I would definitely highly recommend any student to join a Team Medway club as a player or social member. I promise, you won’t be disappointed! Enjoy your studies and Team Medway! #TeamMedway #TMNC

Dele Egberongbe

Bsc Business Information Technology, Medway Taekwon-Do (President) & Team Medway Basketball

I’ve essentially been studying business and computing but I am not your regular IT stereotype… I thoroughly enjoy sports and being active and began Taekwon-Do (TKD) in my first year at university and have been doing it ever since. I took up basketball as my second sport because I thought: “Why not?”.

Sports has benefitted me so much during my time at university. It has enabled me to meet some real troopers, enhance my performance and even gain skills and experience that will be of significant use in my future when it comes to employment. I have boosted my confidence, social network, achievements and goals since being a part of Team Medway and it is a time in my life that I will never forget.

There are so many competitions out there that I never knew existed and would have never known if I never got involved with sports at university. The TKD competitions are always worthwhile and entertaining whether you are spectating or taking part. During my time at university I had competed 4 times, fully funded by the club, and have come away with 3 individual medals and 2 titles. In my final year, I attended and competed in my first ever Varsity event as part of Team Medway Women’s Basketball and it was a blast! Seeing the other sports teams as well as the adrenaline of competing, combined is something no one should ever miss! Varsity is a must go! (Sports team or not!).

Join a sports team. Any sports team will do! Try something new or excel in something you already do. Being a part of Team Medway within a sports team opens so many doors of experience in several areas whether it be learning new skills, techniques or just meeting new people. The opportunities are endless and so are the socials, ranging from meals to paintballing, so do just give it a go. You won’t regret it if you try!

No.Regrets. #TeamMedway #makeTaekwondoGreatAgain!

Emily Clark

Geography BSc, Team Medway Netball, President

Sport is something that I have always been passionate about from rounders to badminton to football to finally settling on my favourite sport of netball. I love the fast paced intensity of the game, the speed of which a loss can be turned to a lead and the feeling of unity and strength that comes from playing in a team environment.

I started university not knowing a single person and because I live at home and not in halls I didn't even have the added perk of meeting flat mates before starting my course. The main reason that my university experience turned from a bad one to good is down to the netball club. At freshers fayre the girls running the stall called over to me and asked me to sign up just to give it a go. From that day I have never looked back, not only managing to proudly represent 1st team for all 3 years at university but also managing to acquire a whole array of talented, funny and loyal friends as a result.

Through the many themed socials, welcome events, sports awards and Varisty events that I have attended nothing can beat Varisty 2017 where TMNC 1sts got their first and only win of the season!!! The feeling was immense!

The 3 years of being part of netball has allowed me to develop so many skills that were lacking at the beginning. My confidence has increased so much to the point that I am much more comfortable with public speaking which has had a knock on positive effect on the presentation assessments for my degree course.

I would encourage anyone who wants to feel empowered and get fit to join the netball club regardless of your level. It not only helps you integrate into the social side of university life but also helps to relieve stress and you never know you might come away with a ton of lifelong friends!

Without a doubt Netball will be my fondest memory of university! #TMNC

Jade Henderson

BSc Sports Therapy, Team Medway Netball Club (Secretary)

I am just about to graduate from the University of Kent with a degree in Sports Therapy, and throughout my three years at the Medway campus, sport has played a huge role. My main hobby has always been horse riding, however, I had always played netball at school and was keen to get back into it again at university. When I arrived at the fresher’s fayre all that time ago in first year, I headed straight to the netball stand to sign up! From day one, every girl at the club was welcoming, encouraging everyone to get involved no matter what their netball experience.

There are so many benefits from joining a sports team even if you are not looking to play in the BUCS league, improving confidence, allowing you to socialise with other students and allowing you to have a break from studying! The netball team also have a development squad which is perfect if you want to play the game and socialise but aren’t too keen on the competitive aspect. Team Medway is a unique set up as you meet students from both Kent and Greenwich Universities which is something that I love about it as it allows you to socialise with more people outside of the course you study. As well as playing netball every week, there is also a really fun social side to the club with welcome drinks, themed socials and sports awards, allowing you to bond as a club. Every year Team Medway go head to head with the University of Greenwich in the most anticipated event of the year…..Varsity!!! Both teams play against each other in a range of different sports competing for the Varsity trophy, this is one of the biggest events of the year where everyone on campus shows their support, and of course…celebrates after!

I would highly recommend anyone at university to join a sports club, even as a social player as it really helps to improve your confidence skills and you feel like you’ve become part of a small family. It was most definitely one of the best things that I have done, particularly when I had to opportunity to become secretary of the club in my final year.

Good luck with your studies and enjoy it! #TMNC #TeamMedway





The Hindu society organised Navrati and Garba trips, Diwali dinner celebrations and had their largest ever attendance at Holi!

MPSA organised the School of Pharmacy Ball, with over 200 lecturers, stakeholders and student attendees!

Medway Amateur Dramatic Society put on a performance of Little Shop of Horrors – Medway’s first musical!

LGBT+ held a bi-weekly event with special guests in The Deep End. Medgay Monday celebrated diversity, culture and promoted a safe environment for students

The Afro-Caribbean Society, despite being a new society, achieved a membership of 99 and ran numerous successful events including a Blind Date Night, Girls Night In and FIFA Tournament.

83 volunteering projects offered

26 charities

16480 volunteering hours logged by students

£4818 raised by Medway RAG

279 volunteering projects attended

126 students awarded GSCV/KSCV





Our advice centre...

Assisted a student in claiming Migrant Worker status with Student Finance England, who was then awarded an extra £8,200 of funding for the academic year.

Helped a student successfully defend their academic discipline case, leading to them remaining on their course and graduating this year.

Successfully helped a student appeal a University Bursary refusal, meaning they were awarded extra funding of £6,000. This also led to the University procedure being amended, benefitting future generations of students.

Looking ahead

The Hub Birthday Party

We’re celebrating the first birthday of the Student Hub in January 2018 – as you can see, it’s been a terrific year, and we’re excited to welcome in the Hub’s second year!


If your students missed out on the Freshers’ Fair in September all is not lost! Remember sports clubs and societies are available all year round. Refreshers’ Fair is the best opportunity to see them all in one place and find out what’s available!


The biggest sporting event on the calendar – will Team Medway take the win this year?


Leadership Elections are one of the biggest campaigns of the year. Remember to encourage all Medway students to vote and have their say on who they want to see running their students’ union next year?


We were lucky enough to host the Team Medway Awards and GK Unions Awards in our fantastic building last year – and what a spectacle they were! This year will be bigger and better than ever, so keep your eyes peeled for your chance to attend and celebrate all the amazing work of our volunteers!


Our students have worked hard all year – so it’s time to celebrate! We’ll be putting on a massive end of year party for all our students, so get ready to kick back and blow off some steam!