Student Reps

Student reps are students who have been elected to represent the views of their course. Reps gather the views and opinions from students on things such as lectures, assessments and feedback and then take these views to your university by attending education forums and student staff liaison committees (sslcs). This in turns allows students and staff to help shape your academic experiences so each student gets the best out of their studies whist at university.



Why become a student rep? 

Becoming a student rep is a great way to enact academic change within your programme and make sure that your voice is being heard. Being a student rep also allows you to gain a lot of skills that are useful outside of university such as:

  • Communication
  • Organisation
  • Time management
  • Public speaking
  • Network and meet new people

The benefits of becoming a student rep also lasts way past your time at university. When you graduate, your time as a student rep goes on your HEAR.  HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Record) is a nationally accredited document that captures your achievements and can help you stand out to employers when you graduate.

As a student rep you’re able to receive the Kent or Greenwich Student Certificate for Volunteering - KSCV / GSCV Toolkit.  The more hours of volunteering you record on your Toolkit, the better the reward.