Want to see a change at GK Unions? ChangeIt!

Are there things that you wish were done differently on campus? Do you want to see a change in services or events or even the food menu?

Then ChangeIt!

ChangeIt! is a platform that allows you to have a voice during your time at university. Use this process to change your university experience whilst you’re still here. How you do this is pretty simple.

Step 1 – Submit your idea
Step 2 – Campaign for support
Step 3 – Reach at least 30 up votes

If your idea reaches at least 30 up votes within 2 months it will be reviewed by the Students at Medway committee, and if feasible then put into practice.


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    Student food at Deepend

      The menu seems to be more like a restaurant rather than a student place for food. Big bowls of chips (cheap and cheerful like pilkinton), chicken nuggets that kind of thing. Don't need a fancy burger, happy with cheap!
    Nathan Arnold
    10:55am on 27 Feb 19 #Coopers? They had things like frozen pizza's that were done in 12 minutes. Sharing plates, like chips, onion rings etc
    Joao Pedro Dos Reis
    3:51pm on 28 Feb 19 Might I add that corn on the cob is an absolute waste of money.
    Alison Chambers
    8:54am on 20 Mar 19 Interesting - we've had lots of feedback that you want to see healthier options on the menu! We're redeveloping the menu for September, I'll get back to you on how we can get student input. Thanks!