Welcome Week

Wed 20th November

FIFA Tournament
20th November 6:30pm - 9:30pm
The Deep End
These sessions are put on to encourage students to try something new!
Society Meetup | Give It A Go | Deep End | Social

Thu 21st November

UV Zumba Strong
21st November 6:45pm - 8pm
The Deep End
These sessions are put on to encourage students to try something new!
Give It A Go | Deep End | Medway | Fitness and Active | Non-Alcoholic

Thu 28th November

Lunchtime Cinema
28th November noon - 2pm
Mezzanine - upstairs in the Student Hub
These sessions are put on to encourage students to try something new!
Give It A Go | Deep End | Social

Tue 3rd December

Winter Fair
3rd December 11am - 3pm
The Deep End
These sessions are put on to encourage students to try something new!
Give It A Go | Deep End | Medway | Seasonal
Xmas Pub Quiz
3rd December 4:30pm - 7:30pm
The Deep End
These sessions are put on to encourage students to try something new!
Give It A Go | Deep End | Student Hub | Seasonal

Wednesday 18th September 2019 from 11am - 3pm

This is a great chance to meet and learn about our student groups and all of the services and events available to students studying at Medway.

GK Unions has a great range of sports clubs and societies on offer that you can join. You can sign up to their mailing lists, find out when their taster sessions are and even buy memberships. Many students meet some of their closest friends in student groups, so if there is anything that takes your fancy, why not sign up and give it a try? You can sign up to as many as you like!

As well as our student groups, we also invite various companies to the event such as Dominoes and Arriva who will be giving away freebies and vouchers for use all year round – don’t miss out on your 50% off pizza vouchers!

The Welcome Fair begins at 11am though we will be opening at 10.30am for anyone with accessiblility worries. If you have any other accessibility needs for the fair, please contact activities@gkunions.co.uk by Monday 16th September.

Each year, students are elected by you to work full-time in the two student unions for the next academic year. They work with us to represent your views and tackle all concerns to do with student life. This can be national campaigns, student welfare, academic representation and things you want to change on your course, or simply making sure your student hub offers what you want.

Everyone needs a helping hand at university, whether it’s budgeting advice or help finding a job or accommodation. Contact our Advice Centre or take a look as the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Who are GK Unions?

Greenwich and Kent Students’ Unions Together is a partnership between the University of Greenwich Students' Union and Kent Union on the Medway campus. As a student on the Medway campus you get the best of both worlds, as you’re not only a member of GK Unions but of your ‘home’ student union too. Why not come and check out your Student Hub where you can meet the team, grab a bite to eat or have a drink, there is also loads of space to socialise and study!

If you have any questions about life at Medway, please feel free to email info@gkunions.co.uk or call 01634 8888989.

So what does GK Unions do on the Medway campus?

We want you to have the best experience whilst studying at Medway. GK Unions runs and supports the following for students on the Medway campus: The Student Hub, the Advice Centre, Sports Clubs, Societies, Events, Volunteering, Representing your academic interests, Give it a Go activities (like trips to Harry Potter world!) and The Deep End bar and café.

What should I do on my first day?

Take the time to get to know people! The people you meet now could be your friends through your time at University, and it’s always great to have a friendly face in the first few weeks.

Maybe you fancy popping down to the Student Hub, maybe grab a Starbucks coffee or try one of our delicious Deep End meals!

How/Where do I register at Arrivals Weekend?

Kent students – Registration is on Saturday 14th September (9:30am-3pm) and Sunday 15th Septmeber (9:30am-2pm) in Pilkington Building.

Greenwich students – Registration is on the following dates and times:
Sunday 15th September (11am-3pm)
Monday 16th September (11am-3pm)
Tuesday 17th September (11am-3pm)
Wednesday 18th September (11am-3pm)
Thursday 19th September (11am-3pm)
Friday 20th September (11am-1pm)

There are opportunities to register after this date specific to your course, please email your course leader or studentcentre@gre.ac.uk for more information.

If you are registering or moving in at arrivals weekend on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th September, look out for us on Campus and come to the Student Hub to say hello!

When/Where is the Welcome Fair?

The best part of Freshers' week… the Welcome Fair! The fair is on Wednesday 18th September from 10am - 3pm, outside the Drill Hall. The Fair is a chance to sign up to your favourite sport or society, try something new and grab lots of freebies! We will have over 100 stalls for you to explore – don’t miss out!

Need help moving in?

Moving into Liberty Quays or Greenwich Accommodation on campus? Look out for our Freshers' Helpers in the bright t-shirts, they can help you unpack and answer any questions you may have!

I’m not a student, can I come to the Freshers’ events at The Deep End?

No, sorry. Only students can attend The Deep End events, so that rules out guests too.

I’m 17, can I come to The Deep End? I promise I won’t drink.

Under no circumstances are under 18’s allowed on the premises, we’d be breaking our licensing laws and we don’t want to get into trouble!

I want to get into The Deep End for an event, what shall I bring?

We need to see proof of age ID and Student ID please - don’t bring one without the other or we can’t let you in (and we don’t want to ruin your night!). If you don’t have Student ID, please email info@gkunions.co.uk before you come to our events, otherwise entry may be refused.

I’ve been helping the new students’ move in this year. Can I go to The Deep End events during Welcome Week/go to Freshers’ Ball?

Yes, you’re more than welcome to attend events in The Deep End. As long as you are a current student, you are welcome at any event we are holding.

I’m studying in Medway, can I still go to the Freshers’ Finale in Canterbury?

Yes of course, ALL Medway students are welcome - tickets can be brought at Student Hub reception and online which includes transport from Medway to Canterbury for the Freshers' Finale.

Kent's Freshers' Ball looks amazing! How can I get my hands on a ticket?

Yes we know, it’s going to be epic! You can purchase tickets online from the Kent Union website and collect from the Student Hub reception and at the Freshers' Fair

I haven’t pre-bought my Freshers' Ball ticket, can I still come?

The Freshers’ Ball is usually a sell-out so we suggest you get your hands on a ticket prior to the event to avoid disappointment. If tickets don’t sell out, they will be available on the door, but buy beforehand to guarantee you don’t miss out.

I’m a Postgraduate student, can I come to Freshers' events and the Freshers' Ball too… please?

Of course, we can’t wait to see you there!

I’m studying in Medway, can I still go to the Freshers’ Ball in Greenwich?

Absolutely! You can find out more about the Freshers’ Ball on the Greenwich webiste.

Greenwich Freshers’ Ball looks amazing! How can I get my hands on a ticket?

All you need to do is create a guest account on the Greenwich webiste and then you can purchase your tickets. Get them quick before they go!

I’ve lost my Greenwich Freshers’ Ball ticket, can I still get in?

Of course! If you’ve brought your ticket online, you can still get in by showing us your confirmation email. If you’ve purchased in person at one of our venues, we will have your name on our purchasers list, so definitely bring a form of ID (such as a passport or driving licence) and your University of Greenwich Student ID.

I haven’t pre-brought my Greenwich Freshers’ Ball ticket, can I still come?

We will have a limited number of tickets available on the door – but these will go quickly. Come early to avoid disappointment if you’re buying on the day!

I’m a Postgraduate student, can I come too… please?

Definitely – the more the merrier! We’d love to see you there.

Where can I get a Totum (formelly NUS) card from?

Totum is the new name for NUS cards, offering a range if discounts and well worth the cost of the card. You can buy yours from the Student Hub reception or from the NUS website. Why not find out more over Arrivals Weekend or at your Freshers' Fair.

I haven’t got a passport photo, can I still buy a Totum (formerly NUS) card?

That’s not a problem, we can take your photo for you at the Student Hub reception when you buy your card.

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