Volunteering Opportunities



Have you got a volunteering idea?

TWENTY FOR PLENTY! What can you do?

If you were given £20 to help you volunteer what would you do?

  • Use it to raise more money for charity?
  • Put on an awareness stand for a good cause?
  • Pay for the bus to go and volunteer with a charity?
  • Your own idea?

    Look out for the Twenty for Plenty scheme or email volunteering@gkunions.co.uk

Do you need money to support a bigger idea?

Student Led Volunteering Fund

GK Unions has set aside a £600 fund to be made available to students at Medway to assist with Student Led Volunteering Projects at Medway.

Medway Students who are setting up or running a volunteering project for the benefit of the community or fellow GK students can apply for up to £125 to assist the project. The application proposal is then considered by the Medway Volunteering Committee. Click here for the application for.

For further information on any of the above contact volunteering@gkunions.co.uk