Kent and Greenwich Student Certificate for Volunteering - KSCV / GSCV


GK Unions and the Universities run a joint award scheme whereby students, through the Volunteer Toolkit, can log volunteering hours to achieve various levels of certification. To help you reflect on the employability skills you are gaining each level has criteria for you to complete. You will be prompted on your profile page.

  • KSCV / GSCV Bronze: 25 hours of volunteering: Rate your skills.
  • KSCV / GSCV Silver: 50 hours of volunteering: Re-rate your skills: Record at least 6 employability skills: Have a review with a member of GK Unions - email
  • KSCV / GSCV Gold: 100 hours of volunteering: Re-rate your skills: Evidence one training session: Complete an online written reflective review of your volunteering focusing on your employability.
  • KSCV /GSCV Gold Plus: 200 hours of volunteering: Re-rate your skills.

You must work through all the previous awards before moving on to the next one.

Remember that volunteering, both on and off campus can be recorded on your Toolkit. If you are not sure please check on the Volunteer Toolkit homepage

Each year Medway will host a KSCV / GSCV awards evening to celebrate the achievements of Kent and Greenwich volunteers. This usually takes place in May.

  • KSCV Platinum - Kent students only: This is a module based level of the KSCV that takes your volunteering to a higher level. For more information click on the Platinum tab or email


Volunteer of the Month


Is there a fellow student who has exceeded in volunteering? If so, you can nominate them for Volunteer of The Month: Nominations are viewed by the Medway Volunteer Committee who will choose a winner. The winner will then recieve a £20 Amazon gift voucher plus a certificate.

To nominate please click this link here.


Anujan Metheus Anandarajan, receives his certificate and voucher from Jonathan Small, Chair of the Medway Volunteer Committee 

This was the nomination:

Anujan has shown a tremendous commitment to several volunteering opportunities throughout November, he has attended 5 Post Pals sessions, 5 Shoebox appeals and twice volunteered with the Kent Wildlife Trust totalling 36 hours of volunteering. With Post Pals he puts shows tremendous creativity in his cards, sourcing images to copy for the children to enjoy. With Blythswood and Kent Wildlife Trust he does whatever is asked, from checking shoeboxes to unloading lorries for Blythswood and to clearing shrubland with KWT. To receive the VOTM would be just reward for his reliability and dedication to volunteering.

The other nominee was;

Nidhi Patel; Hindu Society President

 Jonathan Small, Chair of the Medway Volunteer Committee, presents Chiara Gattoni the Volunteer of the Month certificate and voucher.

This was Chiara's nomination:

Chiara was very moved by the scenes from her home country of Italy following the earthquake. She wanted to raise money for the Save the Children charity that was supporting the area. She organised a bucket collection on campus and impressively got about 18 students to help on the day, this included members of her basketball club, friends and members of RAG. This was a great example of one student inspiring others, uniting the campus and, to top it all, raising over £195 in just three hours. Chiara would be a worthy recipient of VOTM for October.

Other nominees were:

Nidhi Patel; Hindu Society President

Jonathan Small: Two nominations from Peoples United

Kylie Lee recieving the Volunteer of the Month certificate and voucher from Jonathan Small, Chair of the Medway Volunteer Committee.

Kylie's nomination read:

A fresher came in to GK asking for a Greenwich bus ticket. Sadly, he had missed the time to buy a ticket so would have to use public transport. English was not his first language and he was unfamiliar with the area. Kylie, who was in the office for a different reason, not only spoke to him in his own language to explain the situation and his options, but actually walked him to Gillingham train station.

 It was a very caring thing to do and Kylie literally went the extra mile to make sure that the student reached his destination.

Other nominations for September were:

Vela Kattan- Freshers' Team Leader

Maria Isaac- MPSA President

Basim Chisty- Volleyball President

The Medway Volunteer Committee recognised that all were worthy nominees and are all fantastic volunteers.

The Medway Volunteer Committee:

Jonathan, Chiara, Sophie and Jujia