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Medway Gaming Society

Welcome to Medway Gaming Society



Who We are

Our Aims

What we do offer our members

Where we are

What games will we be playing?

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Who We Are

We are a gaming society who appeals to all kinds of gamers!

We run all sorts of games such as: assorted video games, role-play games, collectible card games, Tabletop, board games and many more types of games besides!


What We Offer for our members

This is a society where we give members the chance to meet other people through a similar interest: which is gaming.

We give members the chance to game with friends even when we are not at meetings/gaming sessions in the University. For anyone who is a gamer and has joined the university may not know anyone who they can game with. We will make sure they are not alone!

Video-gaming is very well known for improving reflex, multitasking and hand-eye coordination skills. Too much is never good of course, we know! 

But we want members to get better at those attributes through gaming (and by having fun at the same time of course).


Our Aims

We aim to:

  • Meet up regularly on a weekly basis or once a fortnight and just relax, play video games and just have fun with friends.
  • Enter charity events where we raise money and get sponsored by gaming to support all kinds of charities
  • Take pictures of the event, make a group and upload the good times! We want this group to grow big and for all our members to have a good time.
  • Have an internal society competition where a prize may be awarded

If enough members are interested, we will go to events and/or enter external competitions/tournaments.


Where we are

Our address is as follows:

Central Avenue
Chatham Maritime
Kent ME4 4TB

We use Pilkington building for all our venues (except for Larping).   

See the map for location: Universities at Medway Campus Plan (

We are in rooms

  • 130
  • 125
  • 127


What games will we be playing?

Games, like music for example come in many genres, and each gamer will have their own individual preferences as to what they prefer playing. Our society is as broad as possible so that all players of all interest can join up and play their preferred games with others.

To accommodate to everyone’s interest, we set up many weekly casual events where you can pop along and play:

Monday 6pm – 11pm: Role Playing Games
Tuesday 6pm -11pm: Card Gaming
Wednesday 6pm -11pm: Video Gaming
Thursday 6pm – 11pm: Tabletop and Board Games
Sunday 10am – 6pm: All Assorted Gaming + Larping (selected Sundays)

Members are also free to join our facebook group and organise coming on any day the rooms are booked to play whichever games they like regardless of the guideline stated above.

  • Larping runs on Sundays, but not every week. (Please contact us beforehand to check dates so you are not disappointed) 
  • If you would like information about Larping, please contact us. It is important you do so before you want to try it out, as there are important health and safety rules that need to stated, as well as character creation
  • All assorted gaming does not take place on Larp Sundays
Video Gaming
  • PC games: League of Legends, Dota 2, Counter Strike, Battlefield, Team fortress 2 and many, many more!
  • Xbox 360: Gears of War, FIFA, much more!
  • PS3: NBA, FIFA, Call of Duty, LOADS OF STUFF!
  • PS4: FIFA, COD: Advanced Warfare.
  • Wii & Wii U: Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart and many more! 

Feel free to bring your own games and consoles as well!


How To Sign Up

We have set our membership fee to £3 (and £4 for associate members).

  • Students: Sign in through the top left of the page and use your portal login details.Return to the 'Medway Gaming Society' page and add 'student membership' to basket.
  • Non-Students: Register if you have no already done so through the top left of the page. Return to the 'Medway Gaming Society' page and add 'associate membership' to basket. (we know that this System can be a little glichy for non-students so money can also be given straight to the treasurer)


Want to know more? Got suggestions? Want to take on a leadership role in our society?

Send us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Alternately if you want to talk to us directly, let us know in the email and we can arrange a time and date.



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