What Is A Jobs Fair? Student Halina Explains!

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Throughout your academic year Jobshop hosts ‘Jobs Fairs’ on the Canterbury and Medway Campus’.

What is a Job Fair? What does it include? Do I need to prepare for it?

A variety of companies attend who offer part-time, temporary and seasonal employment opportunities. The vacancies can be local to Canterbury and Medway, term time and non-term time, volunteering for various charities and even summer jobs scattered all over the world!

All the companies have their own stands with representatives, ready to talk to you about the roles they offer and answer any questions you may have! As a student myself at Kent, I always brought with me a few copies of my CV to the Jobs Fair just in case I found an amazing opportunity and wanted to register my interest there and then!

The duration of the Jobs Fair normally occurs over one day, the next one being on 24th March 2020 in Canterbury, Eliot Hall, so keep an eye out for that event!

You can take the Shuttle Bus down to Canterbury campus, delivering you right to the door of the Jobs Fair after a convenient 50 minute ride!

Not only does the Jobs Fair offer ALL students a chance to find work that suits them, but there are also other perks to these events! Firstly, attending the Jobs Fairs is an event which can be added to your Employability Points Scheme; the EP scheme allows you to collect points through attending various events which can result in being able to apply for work placements and internships available through this scheme only!

The fairs also provide you with another crucial aspect of the jobs world, and that is… EXPERIENCE. The more employers and clients you to talk to at these events, the more comfortable you will feel talking to future employers. You will have gained some of the necessary skills in learning how to talk to them at all your future interviews! From what I have learnt whilst working part-time during my studies, is that having the confidence in going to interviews, speaking to employers, even if you do not get the job, helps develop your knowledge and self-confidence for future applications and roles.

So even if you are not actively looking for a specific role, go to the Jobs Fair to gain EP points, practice talking to employers and get an extra boost of confidence!


Halina Baszynska


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