A Warm Welcome To All Freshers!

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Hello new students at GK Unions! And hello to all of our returning students! As it’s a new term for all of you, and a new place for many of you too, I’m sure many of you are looking to find new part-time jobs!

A part-time job at university can be very helpful for many different reasons. Firstly, it means having extra money to spend on whatever you like, be it shiny new textbooks, or shiny new shoes for a night out! Secondly, it can also mean relying less on the Bank of Mum and Dad, showing them what a mature and responsible adult you’re becoming. Which is exactly what they’re hoping will happen while you’re at university, right?

But when it comes to finding your part-time job, we can help!

At the Jobshop, we advertise part-time, temporary and seasonal roles to students on our online jobs board. Once you receive your student identification number, set up your student IT account and password, you can browse the online Jobs board! Simply click on Employability, Jobshop, and then start your search by browsing jobs.

If you see any jobs that you like, the advert will contain instructions on how or where to apply.

We recommend checking the website twice a week if you are actively looking for work, as jobs can go quite quickly with a large pool of students applying at once.

You can also sign up for the Jobs of the Week email. This goes out every Friday, and lists all of the new vacancies added to the website for that week. To sign up to receive the emails, click 'sign up for Job Alerts' in Employability, Jobshop. Log in to your profile, Jobshop, and then notifications! If you change your mind at any point, you can always opt-out again.

If you like social media, and have Facebook, request to join the Jobshop in Medway group, where we regularly post jobs in the local area that could be suitable for students. If Instagram is more your thing, you can follow us there too.

Another good method for finding jobs is to keep a few copies of your CV in your bag when passing through town. Tuck them in a plastic wallet or folder, which will keep them safe from getting crumpled, and will still look nice to present to a potential employer!

There are lots of shops and businesses based in Medway and the surrounding area, and a lot of them will be looking for staff in September/October to work over the upcoming festive Christmas period. If you see a sign in the window where a shop is hiring, you can drop off your CV, and with a bit of luck, they might invite you for an interview!

If you would like to have a chat with someone about finding work, why not come and visit us? We run a pop-up stall for the Jobshop on the Medway campus, where we can answer questions and give advice on seeking part-time work. Make sure to email Jobshop@kent.ac.uk to arrange an appointment. We’re a friendly bunch and don’t bite, and would love to see what we can do to help you on your job-hunt.


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