LinkedIn is the new place to be!

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As some of you may or may not know, LinkedIn is a social networking site which is designed especially for the business industry. It is a platform which allows you to document your employment history, your educational achievements and your obtained skills and qualifications.

So why should we all utilise this network?

As students we know that the job sector can be highly competitive and hard to access; with thousands of students hoping to achieve their dream career, it can become hard to make yourself stand out from the crowd. So why don’t you get your foot in the door now and start to build essential relationships with future, current and past employers.

With over 610 million users in more than 200 countries, LinkedIn is continuously growing and developing. Considering a large pool of these users are recruiters and individuals who may work within your desired sector, the site is allowing you to connect with them now and show them what skills and achievements you have obtained whilst studying at the university. Simply just by posting updates about a recent project you have worked on, or your dissertation, you can keep employers interested in the work you are doing - and who knows, these skills may be exactly what they are looking for!

So how do I make a LinkedIn account?

Simply download the app on your mobile phone or visit the LinkedIn website:

From there you will be able to follow a step by step guide which allows you to set up your own personal account.

Once you have made your account you can then start to connect with fellow students, colleagues and future, current and past employers. Hey, and why not connect with your Kent Union Jobshop - we would love to see what you guys are up to and we’ll keep you posted about upcoming employer events.

Simply search: Kent Union Jobshop or follow this link 

We hope to see you networking soon.

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