How to Find Work On-Campus

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Here in Jobshop, the most frequently asked question we are asked is, “how do I get a job on campus?”

We definitely understand, we know how useful it would be to wake up just five minutes before work starts and not be late!

Because of this, we know that campus jobs can be highly competitive, as a lot of students would really like them. Therefore, we decided to explain a bit more about the types of jobs on campus that are available and how to get them!

Most on-campus jobs could be in the outlets, like The Deep End. These outlets are run by GK Unions, and recruitment takes throughout the year, as and when staff are required. They shortlist their chosen applicants, there is a period of time where interviews take place, and if you are successful, you will be offered a job!

Even if you are not successful, it’s still best to keep an open mind and consider finding similar roles nearby in Medway if that is the kind of work you enjoy doing.

There are further outlets like No1 Bistro and the Galvanising Shop Café, on the Medway campus, to find out when they’re recruiting, why not pop in and ask them politely how their application process works? We are sure they will be delighted to assist, and you could take a spare CV just in case they will accept them, and remember, if you don’t ask, you don’t get!

During term-time, there are Student Ambassador roles which will allow you to represent the university during open-days and when schools visit to find out about university life. You can find out a little bit more about it and when they are recruiting on their webpages here:

We will occasionally advert some of these roles on the Jobshop jobs board, so make sure you are checking it frequently for updates. If you don’t have time to log-in to the website every day, you could opt-in to receive the Jobs of the Week email in your profile, where every Friday, you will receive a list of the new vacancies added to the website that past week.

There is a very small likelihood that due to changes in their timetable, student employees may be unable to continue in their on-campus position midway through the year, and so the employer may ask Jobshop to put up an advert for a replacement. As a word of advice, if you do see an advert for an on-campus job that you would like, make sure to apply straight away to increase your chances of your application being considered and received before the application is taken down due to a high volume of interest.

Make sure that you follow all the application instructions carefully and send it to the correct contact. We sometimes receive applications in the Jobshop that are not for roles we are recruiting for, meaning that the person misses out on an opportunity they would have really enjoyed!

Don’t be disheartened if you don’t get a job on campus, it is very competitive and doesn’t mean that you’re not a good candidate!

There are plenty of other jobs available nearby in Chatham, Gillingham and Rochester, such as at The Pentagon, and Chatham Dockyards, which are just across the road from campus and very easy to get too!


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