The Importance of Transferable Skills!

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When looking for part-time work as a student, the first reason that many students seek part-time work is to support them during their studies! Everybody likes to have extra cash to splash on a night out, to make sure that the cost of those heavy old textbooks are covered, and to keep that pesky overdraft at bay.

But what many students might not realise…is that part-time job you have, that’s helping you keep your bank balance healthy, might also help you to find a graduate job one day!

In every job, regardless of what it might be, you will always find yourself gaining skills and experience. It doesn’t matter how ‘small’ or ‘unimportant’ a job might seem, because the skills that you learn are transferable. By transferable, we mean a skill that could be used anywhere, and applied to anything.

Perhaps you did some flyering for a couple of hours? It might seem like a pretty basic thing to do, but you would have demonstrated confidence to approach people, you would have represented a company, a brand, or service and been responsible for being the initial first impression of that business, and you would have displayed the ability to work alone responsibility. Confidence and responsibility are great skills that many companies would like to see in their employees!

Or maybe you did some cleaning? You would have demonstrated the ability to pay attention to detail, taken responsibility for the upkeep of a working environment, and you might have learnt how to cope while working under pressure or with a time constraint. Lots of jobs will require you to work under pressure or with a time constraint at some point, employers will definitely be looking out for graduates with these skills!

Did you wait tables in a busy restaurant? You likely would have been working as part of a team, gaining skills like communication between yourself, your co-workers, and your supervisor! Communication is vital in a working environment, and being able to communicate well with others will help you with finding a graduate position.

Many employers will be impressed with a student’s ability to balance both full-time studies and part-time work, as this shows that you have developed skills such as time management, and that you have a good work ethic and are proactive about supporting yourself.

Part-time work is not just about the money, it’s what you learn that counts!


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