Finding Summer Work: Tips and Tricks

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One of the best parts of being a student is definitely the long holiday. After you’ve collapsed in exhaustion from your exams, from June to September, your time is yours!

However, many students like to use this time as an opportunity to work, and there are lots of temporary jobs available during this time. There are many benefits to working during your summer, as it allows you save up some money for the next academic year ahead, gain valuable employable skills and experience, gain glowing references for your next opportunity, and hopefully have some fun!

For a general idea of what kind of work is available, there is event work, stewarding, bartending, waiting, hosting, childcare, cleaning, and much more. Shops may take on extra staff as well, to accommodate for more visitors. Heritage sites may also look for extra staff to assist with more visitors too, so keep your eyes open for these opportunities.

To find these jobs, you could walk through town and browse in the windows to see if they are looking for staff. You could follow companies that interest you on social media and see if they are hiring for over the summer. Or, you can look on all the usual jobsites that you might use normally, such as Indeed, Totaljobs, and continue to browse the Jobshop board too!

During the summer, there are also a lot of work abroad programmes that are available to students and young people in general. They begin and end within the summer holidays, which mean there are no clashes with your studies or exams. These are fantastic opportunities as they allow you to explore the world, discover more about different cultures, meet new friends, and earn money.

Here at Jobshop, we have some amazing opportunities available with companies such as Wildpacks and Smaller Earth. They have programmes located around the world, such as in Canada, America, New Zealand, Europe, and even China!

Within each programme, there are lots of different kind of roles that are suitable to you. If you like children and would like to stay with a family, you could try being an au pair. Or, if you have skills such as in arts and crafts, a favourite sport, you could be an Activities Instructor. Or, you could be a Camp Counsellor, a member of the Support Staff, and many more! Each of the programmes will train you to fulfil your role, so you will come home with a whole range of transferable skills.

After the completion of your time working abroad, usually you will have a visa which allows you to travel for a few days. And with the money that you’ve earned from working, you can see some amazing sights, before returning home with wonderful memories and amazing pictures. And, give your CV that extra shine!


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