Amber’s Summer Camp Experience!

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You might have seen a number of opportunities on our Jobs Boards and on social media about opportunities to work in Summer Camps! These are jobs based overseas, working with kids, that are ideal for students looking to try out new experiences, see more of the world, and make new friends.

Why not check out Amber Bytheway's experience of working in Canada last summer? Amber is a former student at the University of Kent, and also worked in Jobshop!

Over to Amber!


Recruitment Process:

The recruitment process is quite long and thorough when applying for a summer camp job. The best tip I can give is to apply as early as possible and ensure that you submit an application that gives camp directors and recruiters a great understanding of YOU. Many people including myself have been hired by attending a camp fair. The camp agency you apply with make it easy for you to meet the directors of camps by arranging a camp fair in large cities across the UK. Once you are there, it’s just like speed dating but instead of looking for love you’re looking for a job that matches your skills and the camp are looking for the employee that fits their skills requirements. It really helps to do your research first as there are lots of different types of camps to consider: day camps, traditional camps, under-privileged camps, religious camps and many more. However, don’t be close-minded as camp counsellor positions can go fast – even if it isn’t your first choice, it doesn’t mean you won’t love it!

How was my summer:

When people say that working at a summer camp is one of the best things they ever did, believe them. I had always been nervous about so many aspects regarding working abroad: the travelling, the weather, the job (would I be any good) and whether I would cope working with complete strangers. I shouldn’t have been worried at all. Within a few days of arriving in Toronto, Ontario I had already made a new family. You learn on the job and you quickly realise how tiring it is looking after children day in day out. Be prepared to work really long days. You quickly get accustomed to being constantly exhausted but it’s worth every minute. I went on some unforgettable trips – to Niagara Falls, the CN Tower, canoeing on Lake Ontario. The kids were just a blast and although I never wanted to sleep so much you cry so hard when it’s all over and as soon as it’s over. Top Tip: Whatever you do, don’t do it for the money, you’ll just about break even. Summer camp is 100% about the experiences, the friendships and the memories. If I hadn’t have taken up the opportunity, I’d have definitely lived to regret it.


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