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10 Fresher's Essentials you will need to pack

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  • 1. A Duvet, pillows and bedding set


    Not only does it make your room feel like home, but it makes sleeping a lot easier.

  • 2. Towels

    Having a couple means keeping at least one clean a lot simpler.

  • 3. Clothes hangers

    Hanging your clothes prevents creases, and less creases means less ironing!

  • 4. Doorstop

    An open door makes it a lot easier to bond with your new housemates.

  • 5. Headphones

    Working in the library can be a lot more fun with some music, and there is always the chance you will want to work while your housemates want to party.

  • 6. Extension cable

    Most students arrive with all sorts of electricals, and these all need sockets.

  • 7. Toilet Roll

    This one is self-explanatory we hope.

  • 8. First Aid Kit

    Whether it is you or a friend, a well-stocked first aid kit is always helpful

  • 9. Kitchen Essentials – cutlery, mugs and glasses, pots and pans

    Ordering food everyday can become very expensive, and borrowing your housemate’s equipment is not always appreciated.

  • 10. Somewhere to back-up your data

    Power cuts, crashing computers, broken laptops….. Avoid the problem and always back up your work!

A few (non-essential) extras

  • 1. Picture frames and lots of photos


    Keep your friends and family close even when they are far away.

  • 2. Posters, a rug or other decorative items


    Everyone can get home-sick, so make sure you are as comfortable in your new place as possible.

  • 3. Your Netflix subscription


    Everyone needs some quiet time with their favourite film or TV series.

  • 4. Fancy dress outfits – especially some old school uniform


    You may be surprised how much use your fancy dress outfits.

  • 5. A little food to get you started


    Maybe even get your parents to grab you a shop before you go?



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