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The Story of our Volunteers

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Each and every one of our volunteers is important to us, but every now and then a story stands out...

Last year, we organised a knitting session whereby students who had never knitted before could learn the basics, with the aim for them to eventually knit an item that could be donated to Blythswood Care’s Shoebox Appeal. One student who attended was Jemma Patrick, a Greenwich business student. Over the following months she persevered and eventually produced a 4ft green scarf.

This year, Jemma got involved with the Shoebox Appeal, which included; decorating shoeboxes, taking them to the charity, making up shoeboxes for elderly woman and finally packaging them into a cardboard crate ready to be transported to Serbia in time for Christmas.

In one of these boxes was the 4ft Green scarf that Jemma had knitted.


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