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Team Medway Futsal

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Team Medway Futsal won their league after an unbeaten 10 games (with 2 left to spare). President Simon Nicholson had this to say:


"Team Medway Futsal 1st   28  -  4   University of Essex 2nd

The league title is ours! ???? And with 2 league games left to play, what a season it’s been with us now winning all 10 games we have played so far this year, and this result was the biggest one yet!

Having beaten Essex 25 - 2 in the away fixture, we were confident of getting another win before the game even began, and within just a few minutes the result was essentially confirmed as the goal tally just kept on increasing. There was complete domination throughout the whole game, scoring freely and keeping the opposition attacks out mostly with ease."


Goalscorers: Tom Fiore (9), Chris Hewitt (5), Simon Nicholson (4), Lewis Wells (4), Daniel Engley (3), Sohail Noori (2), and Dillon Goodall (1)

Man of the Match: Tom Fiore

Well done to Team Medway Futsal!




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