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KSCV/GSCV Takeover Competition

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What is KSCV/GSCV?
KSCV/GSCV stands for the Kent/Greenwich Student Certificate of Volunteering. It is an award scheme that Kent Union and GK Unions run to ensure students who participate in volunteering co-curricular activity are rewarded and formally recognised for their efforts. The award is split into four levels: Bronze (25 hours), Silver (50 hours), Gold (100 hours) and GoldPlus (200+ hours). The awards are printed on your HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Record) when you graduate so you will have evidence of all of your volunteering across your years as a student at Kent.


What is the KSCV/GSCV Takeover Competition?
The KSCV/GSCV Takeover is a competition that we are running until the end of term (6th April) in which you can win a fantastic prize for your committee or in your volunteering role.


Can I compete?

You can only compete if you have been elected into your role e.g. Treasurer on a Society Committee. This is in order to make the scoring for the competition fair and balanced across the board.

So, if you are a member of any of the following groups or roles then you can compete in the competition:

  • Society Committee
  • Sports Committee
  • College Committee (inc. KGSA) or Community Action Group Committee
  • Student Rep, Part Time Officer or Student Trustee

If you have any questions about this or would like to check if you are eligible to compete, please email


How do I compete?

If you are competing as a committee, then the winner will be based on the:

How many KSCV/GSCV Awards the committee has as a whole (relative to the committee size) and the most collective hours logged, relative to the committee size

The awards are assigned points based on their level and the committee with the highest score will move through to the second round in which the committee with the most collective hours relative to committee size will then be drawn as the winner in that category.

If you are competing as an individual (e.g. Student Reps, PTO’s or Student Trustees):

The winner will be the individual who has the highest level award and the highest total hours logged.


What can I win?

A professionally filmed and edited promotional video for your group made by KTV. This will be yours to use as you would like, it could be to show off what you do, advertise an event, encourage new members to join, send to sponsors to get interest. (Alternatively, you can choose to take an Amazon £50 voucher for your group)

In addition, all the winners and runners up will get a shout-out article on the Kent Union/GK Unions Website, Facebook Page and in the Kent Union/GK Unions Newsletter.

The competition will begin on Thursday 15th March. You then have until Friday 6th April to ‘enter’ which basically means getting your committee logging or updating their hours and moving through the awards.


If you have any questions about this or would like to check if you are eligible to compete, please email


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