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Give it a Go Round-up

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Every year GK unions organises various Give it a Go sessions so our members can try something new. These range from one-off sessions in Archery Tag to Society taster sessions. Since the start of term we have had a great range of events:

  • Bowling
  • ‘Logan’ Film Showing
  • Archery Tag
  • Flip Out – Trampolining
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Marathon
  • Medway Amatuer Dramatics Society Taster
  • Postpals
  • Water sports
  • Kent Wildlife Trust
  • Bubble Sports
  • And many more to come!

We have had a great turn-out with 208 students attending the various events, which is already a huge increase from last year. See some of our key highlights from Archery Tag and Flip Out below.


Next week, we have 4 Give it a Go sessions on offer:


For a full calendar of upcoming events please visit our Give it a Go page.


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