Election Results

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The 2019 Elections ended in three exciting results nights in Greenwich, Kent and Christchurch.  Below are your new officers! 

Kent Union Elections Result

This year saw 2,760 students voting for who they want to be their next Leadership Team. You voted for:


Sasha Langeveldt

Vice-President (Academic Experience)

Victoria Saward-Read

Vice-President (Student Engagement)

Emily Window

Vice-President (Welfare and Community)

Omolade Adedapo

Vice-President (Postgraduate Experience)

Laura Carlin

Student Trustees

  • Aarish Hyder
  •  Muhammad Abdullah

Chair of the Sustainability Network

  • Carolyn Postlethwaite

Chair of the Societies Student Network

  • Felicia Dean

Chair of the Volunteering Student Network

  • Robert Land

Chair of the International Student Network

  • Siwar Aldaoud

Chair of the Students with Disabilities Student Network

  • Philip Crocker

Chair of the Women's Student Network

  • Riya Jogani

Chair of the BAME Student Network

  • Stephen Kamara

UG Sciences Faculty Rep

  • Ethan Basso

UG Humanities Faculty Rep

  • Robert Mackinnon

UG Social Sciences Faculty Rep

  • Kristina Sandeva

For more information about your Kent Union team, visit their elections pages here

Greenwich Students' Union Election Results

Greenwich saw a 25% increase in its voter turnout this year so congratulations to everyone who got involved! The candidate with the most votes was elected as your union president whilst the other three are now your full-time open officers.

Your GSU Officers for 2019/2020 are:

Henry Setter (President)

Jono Smith

Bilal Ijaz

Mayo Femi-Obalemo

Faculty Officers for Engineering & Science

Your four elected faculty officers are:

  • Luke Arscott
  • Loni Hornung
  • Duncan Wanza
  • Moulan Zahir

For more information about the newly elected Greenwich team, please visit their election pages

Canterbury Christ Church Unions' Election Results

2195 students took to the polls during voting week and here are the results:

Union President 

 Philip Kloppenborg 

President (Sports and Engagement) 

 Chloe Woolaway 

President (Development) 

 Becky Thomson 

President (Wellbeing) 

Jamie Harris 


For more information about the Christchurch winners, please visit the CCSU website.  




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