10 Top Tips for Term 3

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  1. Say ‘No!’ to Procrastination

    We’ve all been there, a million and one things to do, and yet you’re sat on Facebook or Twitter scrolling through hundreds of memes, or catching up on your friends many posts about babies and pets … knowing you wouldn’t normally even glance at those posts! Apps like Freedom can block you from accessing the internet and your social media accounts, freeing up your time to complete the tasks you actually need to.

  2. Give yourself a break

    Taking regular breaks can sometimes be the best way to focus. Setting yourself milestones or time limits can be a great way to keep yourself motivated until the next short break. What should you do on your breaks? That’s up to you! Have a snack, go for a walk, maybe even just sit in the fresh air.

  3. Go easy on the caffeine

    The best friend of those under pressure, and eventual worst enemy. Whilst the caffeine in a strong coffee or a can of energy drink can provide a much needed boost, if you rely on these things too much it can actually lead to heightened anxiety. It’s far better to pace yourself, eating every four hours and keeping your body energised.

  4. Treat yourself

    You’ve worked hard, you’ve done the revision, you’ve practiced the test... now the day before each exam - treat yourself! Cook your favourite meal, watch your favourite film, or maybe even just listen to your favourite song. This small treat can be essential to your wellbeing, and you are the most productive when you are happy and relaxed.

  5. Get plenty of sleep

    I know spending at least 6 hours sleeping is not at the top of everyone’s priority list, but it should be. The time you spend sleeping actually helps your brain retain information, meaning you are more likely to remember what you have revised.

  6. Set a Realistic Schedule

    Map out what you will revise each day and each week of your exams. Don’t try to do too much. Give yourself time for reading, making notes and practice tests, as well as sleep, regular breaks and fun. If you spend every minute revising until your exams are over, your general happiness could suffer. This can be more damaging to your eventual results than spending a few extra hours revising.

  7. Get some exercise… even just a little

    Physical activity can actually relieve emotional stress, tension and anxiety… a short run or some relaxing yoga could be the answer you have been looking for.

  8. Eat healthy

    Eating healthy, especially a balanced diet, can increase your energy levels and make you feel generally more alert, making revising and taking exams a lot easier. Just eating healthy the day before an exam won’t be enough, however committing to a healthier diet for the duration of term 3 could help exponentially.

  9. Think Positive

    The mind is a powerful thing, a positive mind can help you deal with stress and illness, increasing your immunity and resilience. Know you have done enough, know you have tried your best, and know the test is not the end of the world.

  10. Prepare

    This may seem like obvious advice, advice that many of us often ignore, but being prepared for an exam is the best way to stay relaxed. Being prepared includes following as many of the tips mentioned above. If you’ve done this, you know you have done all you can.


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