Student FAQs

What types of jobs do you advertise?

We advertise paid part-time, temporary and seasonal jobs that students can fit around their studies. Jobshop advertise a wide variety of suitable jobs including catering and bar work, marketing and administrative roles, cleaning, health and care, retail and IT positions.

We do not advertise career positions, internships or work experience opportunities. Please get in touch with the Careers & Employability Service if you are looking for assistance in these areas

How do I access your online jobs board?

You can view our current job opportunities by logging onto our website with your Kent ID and clicking ‘Browse jobs’

If you are a Greenwich student you can register as an associate member. Once you are registered visit our current vacancies to access our jobs board.

How do I subscribe to your mailing list?

To subscribe to our mailing list, you must be a current registered student at the University of Kent or Universities of Medway. To sign up for our ‘Jobs of the Week’ email:

  1. Visit the Jobshop page or the Kent Union website

  2. Log in with your student/associate member account

  3. Visit your profile and click on Jobshop

  4. Sign up for job alerts by clicking the toggle button on the right hand side


I want to come and visit the Jobshop. Where can I find the Jobshop?

You can find Jobshop in the Medway Campus Student Hub from 9am - 3:30pm every Thursday in term time

How many hours am I recommended to work alongside my degree?

The University of Kent recommends that all students do not work in excess of 15 hours per week during term time to ensure that your job is not detrimental to your studies.

How long are the jobs advertised for?

Please be aware that although most of our vacancies are scheduled to run for up to one-calendar month, employers are often inundated with applications and can request that job advertisements on our online jobs board are taken down sooner than their original closing date. We advise all students to apply for positions at their earliest opportunity.

Will I get a response from the employer after I have submitted my application?

Jobshop cannot guarantee that employers advertising through the Jobshop will reply to all applicants.

Do all of your jobs pay National Living Wage?

Yes, all jobs advertised through Jobshop meet the Government’s National Minimum Wage requirements. We do not advertise jobs that are unpaid, commission based only, have a competition element or pay in reward vouchers.

Do I need a National Insurance Number?

Yes! Everyone who works in the UK will need a National Insurance Number to ensure that the correct contribution of income tax and national insurance is paid. To apply for a National Insurance number you will need to phone: 0800 141 2075.

You can read instructions on how to apply here: https://www.gov.uk/apply-national-insurance-number. All employees regardless of whether you are a student or not need to have a national insurance number.

Please be aware that you cannot apply for a national insurance number online. You can only apply via telephone and this will be at no financial cost to you.


Can I work in two jobs and not be taxed?

Yes, you just need to ensure you have split your tax code. If you do not make HMRC aware you are in multiple employments, you may be taxed too much. To split your tax code phone HMRC.

Are all of your jobs genuine?

Jobshop ensures that the jobs advertised to student jobseekers at the University of Kent are lawful, genuine positions. Our tip to students looking elsewhere for jobs online is: If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is!

Employer FAQs

What is the Jobshop?

Jobshop is a not-for-profit employment service based on site at the University of Kent providing recruitment solutions since 1998. As a charity, all the income generated from Jobshop is reinvested to support student services on our Canterbury & Medway campuses to provide the best student experience for all. We specialise in promoting part-time, temporary and seasonal paid work opportunities.

Jobshop is committed to professional management and development within the field of student employment and we are a member of NASES (National Association of Student Employment Services).

Who are your jobs advertised to?

Our jobs are advertised to registered students at the University of Kent in Canterbury and Medway. Potentially, up to 16,000 students have access to our services. We currently have over 5,500 job-seeking students subscribed to our mailing list and registered for our Jobs of the Week email. On Facebook our job adverts are posted to over 4,500 followers.

Can you guarantee we will fill our vacancy?

Jobshop guarantees to advertise your vacancy across the platforms requested. However, we cannot guarantee as to the number of students who may or may not apply for your position.

Can you target students from certain academic schools at the University of Kent?

If a job advert is relevant for students from a specific academic background, we will share the job with our contacts from the faculty (e.g. Law, Accounting). This is particularly useful in filling niche vacancies.

How can employers stay in touch with Jobshop?

You can follow us on Facebook: jobshop@kent and on Instagram: jobshopkent. Keep in touch with us on LinkedIn by adding Kent Union Jobshop as a friend on LinkedIn.

What services does Jobshop provide?

Jobshop offers a range of recruitment solutions from job advertising, temporary staffing to recruitment fairs. For more details on our services, please go to our Employers page.

Jobsfair FAQs

What type of jobs can be advertised at the fair?

Jobshop’s Jobs Fairs specialise in advertising part-time, temporary or seasonal vacancies to current students at the University of Kent and Universities of Medway. If you are looking to fill full-time vacancies, please get in touch with the Careers & Employability Service at the University of Kent.

What are the advantages of attending Jobshop’s Jobs Fairs?

Meet students face-to-face to promote your part-time, temporary and seasonal vacancies. It’s a quick and easy way to assess candidate suitability and it’s quicker than reading CVs!

How many times do you host jobs fairs during the year?

We host three jobs fairs every academic year: two in Canterbury and one in Medway. On our Canterbury campus, we typically host a smaller fair in October with space for approximately 13 organisations. Our flagship Jobs Fair is held in March which attracts over 30 organisations. On our Medway campus, we hold our Jobs Fair in October.

How many students attend this event?

Our Canterbury fairs regularly attract 500+ attendees and are held during Term 1 and Term 2. These are established recruitment events on campus that are consistently well attended by students. Our Medway fair takes place in October and attracts ~250+ attendees. This event is still in its infancy and is held on our smaller campus located in Chatham. For more details about this event please email jobshop@kent.ac.uk

How much is it to attend the Jobs Fair?

Exhibit at the Canterbury fair from just £169 + VAT. Sponsorship opportunities are also available which includes advertising and active promotion of your company name in all marketing materials.

For details about the Medway fair please email jobshop@kent.ac.uk


What is included with a sponsorship package?

A sponsorship package includes your company’s logo on all promotional material for the fair which includes: one-month standard job advert, leaflets, posters around the campus, Kent Union plasma screens, student newspaper ‘InQuire’, Jobshop website and social media. We will also display your company literature in Jobshop before and after the event.

Can you tell us what subjects the attending students study?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer detailed statistics on the type of students that attend these fairs.

Will there be access to Wi-Fi at the Jobs Fair?

Yes! All visitors to the University of Kent can find Wi-Fi Guest in their list of available networks and connect to it. Either log in or register as a first-time user to gain internet access.

Will there be access to plug sockets?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that there will be access to plug sockets so please ensure that mobile phone devices, laptops and tablets are fully charged for the day.