Where can I find help to find a job on the Medway Campus?

Kent students - Jobshop runs drop in sessions in Medway every Wednesday from 1-4pm in the GK Unions student activities centre in the Student Hub. Come along to our drop in sessions if you would like some advice on finding work in the local area! You can also visit Kent Union's Jobshop web pages.

Greenwich students - you can find support and information about jobs from the Employability and Careers Service (SCS). You can visit their website here: www.gre.ac.uk/employability. You can also use the University of Greenwich Student JobShop here.

Where can I find JobShop online?

Jobshop for Greenwich students can can be found here: http://goo.gl/p6ycq5

Jobshop for Kent students can be found here: http://goo.gl/I8SCom

What types of jobs are advertised on JobShop?

Both Kent and Greenwich Jobshops advertise a range of part-time, temporary and seasonal paid positions both on and off campus. They advertise on the Jobshop website, social media and through emails.

We recommend that you check the Jobshop website at least twice a week to avoid missing out. As once a job is gone, it's gone!

How can I sign up for Jobshop?

If you are a University of Kent student, you can sign up online at www.kentunion.co.uk/employability/jobshop.

Greenwich students, you can sign up to Greenwich Jobshop at www.gre.ac.uk/jobshop.

Where can i find out more about volunteering?

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