Join us to celebrate the best societies, fundraising and volunteering of the year and recognise and reward all their dedication and hard work. Don't miss your chance to celebrate at this years' GK Awards!

Arrival 6:30pm for a complimentary drink and buffet. We will be hosting an after party which will continue until midnight - dress to impress!

Entry to the event is free for:

  • Any student who has achieved a KSCV/GSCV Bronze Award or above
  • Any exec or committee member of a society shortlisted in any of the society categories
  • Any student shortlisted in any of the individual awards

Tickets will be available from the Student Hub from Wed 2nd May 2018.

Don't forget to nominate an individual or group for an award below and log your hours on the Toolkit.


Outstanding Individual Contribution to Volunteering

  • An individual that has shown enthusiasm, responsibility and commitment to volunteering
  • Going the extra mile beyond what would normally be expected of their role

Freshers' Helper of the Year

  • An individual who has gone above and beyond in trying to ensure the best student experience they can to new students

Volunteer of the Year

  • An individual that has had a significant impact on the project/service users
  • Motivated and inspired others
  • Brought forward new ideas or suggested new ways of working
  • Excellent communication skills i.e. with other volunteers/staff/service users
  • Shown outstanding commitment & reliability

Best New Society

  • A society that was created or resurrected this year
  • Have hit the ground running and got stuck in to establish their group
  • The committee has shown dedication to their new society from the get go
  • The committee can demonstrate the new skills they have obtained and improved on throughout the year

Outstanding Individual Contribution to a Society

  • A committee member whose contribution has really stood out this year
  • Their contribution has led to a direct impact on the successful running of their event(s)
  • They have motivated and inspired others in the society
  • They have shown outstanding commitment to their society

Most Improved Society

  • A society where the level of participation in activities and events from members has improved throughout the year
  • A much wider range of events and activities have been organised by the committee
  • A society that has shown significant improvement in this, in terms of membership, events or general activities

Society of the Year

  • Society events were well organised, promoted and executed to a high standard
  • The Society has been productive and strived to better themselves by listening to feedback and advice when needed
  • They have given an outstanding experience to all of their members
  • They worked well with GK Unions to achieve their aims and also create a good community spirit

Fundraiser of the Year

  • An individual or a group who have excelled above and beyond their normal fundraising efforts this year
  • This could either be the innovative ways in which they raised money or the sheer amount of dedication they put into it
  • Demonstrates passion for wanting to do something great and raise awareness for any cause, whether big or small

Student-led event of the Year

  • The event was planned and executed smoothly and to a high standard; organised by an individual or student group
  • The aims of the event encouraged inclusivity and fun
  • The event was well attended and provided a memorable student experience

Lasting Impressions Award

  • Any student in their final year of studies (including Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral level students) who has shown continued, outstanding dedication or made an exceptional contribution to volunteering during their time at Medway.
  • Someone who has incorporated volunteering as an integral part of their student experience.
  • Demonstrated a commitment to other areas of GK Unions such as student societies, sports clubs and representation over the course of their time at University.