Suited and Booted

Suited and Booted

  •   21/01/2020 - 21/01/2020
  •   15:00 - 21:00
  •   The Deep End


Definitely a pool tournament, some food and drink covered by the society and this is just before music soc so hopefully they get a posh event going for the night too!
Drink Deals will happen!

Come in a suit, if you haven't got one, atleast shoes and a shirt (maybe jeans).

Officially there won't be a dress code so wear a bin bag for all I care, but remember your peers are going to look absolutely ballin'

Dress to impress, if you can get a partner on your arm ;)
Ben & Harsh, you guys look good together.

I’ve got two new cues just for the event.
You can use your own cues.
We shall be using the Solid and Strip balls, standard 2" size.

14:00 - Freeplay
15:00 - 17:00 Winner stays on £1 per challenge
17:00 - Main Tournament (Cash only please)
21:00 - Music Society are back in control!

Main Tournament setup:
Starts at 17:00 (please sign up and pay before then!)
£5 per Head
16 Slots
Winner will get
£40 Cash
£20 Amazon Vouchers

Anyone got ideas, get in touch asap so we can see what we can make happen.


Much Love, Pool Soc Pres.