A Students' Union is a democratic organisation run by students for students. As a student this means that you can vote for your elected representatives or even run yourself to stand for what you believe in.

Voting or running in elections is your way of having a voice! 

Current Elections

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Please note: Only paid members of a club are able to nominate and vote in Team Medway elections. If you are experiencing difficulties with this, please contact elections@kent.ac.uk.

The Leadership Elections

The Leadership Elections recruit your Full-Time Sabbatical Officers, who are students paid by the Students Union to represent students at the highest level in the areas such as Education, Sports, Activities, Welfare, postgraduate experiences and the President of the Students Union.

Kent Union

Kent Union

Key Dates for Kent Union Elections

  • Nominations Open - Monday 6th January
  • Nominations Close - Monday 3rd February
  • Voting Opens - Monday 17th February
  • Voting Closes - Friday 21st February

Click here to meet your Kent Union Full-Time Officer Team

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Greenwich Students' Union

Key Dates for Greenwich Students' Union

  • Nominations Open - Monday 27th January
  • Nominations Close - Thursday 13th February
  • Voting Opens - Monday 2nd March
  • Voting Closes - Thursday 5th March

Click here to meet your Greenwich Full-Time Officer Team

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