Confidentiality & Privacy

The Greenwich & Kent Students Unions Together (GKU) Advice Centre is committed to providing a confidential service to its students and in maintaining privacy.


What is privacy/confidentiality

Privacy generally relates to protecting the individual student and how personal information is used and confidentiality relates to the data/information that is taken from a student and how access to this is protected.


What is our policy

The GK Unions Advice Centre will not give ANY information regarding any student, directly or indirectly, to ANY third party without the students’ prior express consent to disclose such information UNLESS we have a legal obligation to release the information, or if we believe that not doing so could place you or others at risk of serious harm.


How to access our policy

A copy of the Advice Centre Confidentiality and Privacy policy is available on request and a statement regarding our policy is also on display in our Advice Centre.  You can also find further information here.  

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