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For our Start of Term Service (18th September - 6th October please see here).


Contacting an Adviser

Any students who wish to contact us rather than visiting us in person can complete Our online form.  Alternatively the other ways to make contact are:


Telephone Advice Line: 01634 88 88 55**


*If you require basic advice then you can email us at the above address and we will respond to emails within 2 working days letting you know what we can do to help and you’ll get a full response within 5 working days. If your query is urgent then it may be more appropriate for you to access our service via one of the alternative options on this page.

**Please note that the advice line doesn’t have a voicemail feature and at busy periods it may be difficult to get through. If you cannot get through on this line then please use an alternative way to contact us if you need urgent advice.


Speaking to an Adviser in person


Drop-in (term time only):

The sessions provide basic advice for students during 10 minute sessions.

Monday: 10am - 12 noon and 1pm - 3pm

Wednesday: 10am - 12 noon and 1pm - 3pm

Friday: 1pm - 3pm


Full Appointments:

The Advice Centre offers full pre-booked appointments.

To arrange one of these please call 01634 88 89 89 or visit the main Reception in the Student Hub.

These appointments are designed for more complex or time consuming issues and enable you to have approximately 45 minutes allocated with an adviser.

These appointments are mainly in-person but if needed can also be conducted over the telephone if needed.



The Student Hub*

North Road

Chatham Maritime



*To locate the Advice Centre please go to the main reception which is just inside the main entrance for directions or if it is busy you can walk past Reception and go through the double doors towards the ‘Deep End’; once through those doors turn right towards another set of double doors (that take you towards the main toilets) and once through those doors you will see stairs going up that will take you directly to us.*

Emergency Advice

If for any reason you are unable to see an adviser or if our services are closed then below we have listed a range of emergency contacts and alternative organisations that can offer advice in the main areas that we advise on.

Emergency Funding Advice

If the Advice Centre is closed and you need emergency funding advice then please contact Student Finance England and they should be able to help.

If your funding query relates to the NHS Bursary then instead you can contact them via their dedicated helpline or if it relates to the Social Work Bursary they also have a helpline that can answer your questions as well.

If you are in an emergency financial situation (within University opening hours) and you haven't received any Student Finance England funding then University of Kent students can consider applying for an Emergency Short Term Loan (ESTL) and details on how to do this and the process can be found here.

Alternatively if you have an emergency financial situation and have received Student Finance England funding but still require short term financial help then you can consider applying for the Kent Emergency Student Loan (KESL) and details on how to do this and the process can be found here (please note that contrary to the weblink you need to take this application form to the Medway Building if you are a Medway student and not to the Registry in Canterbury).

Emergency Housing Advice

If the Advice Centre is closed and you need emergency housing advice then please visit Shelter who offer a free advice line and there is a wide range of information and advice available via their website.

You can also contact your local Council who will have a Private Sector Team who can normally offer housing advice and information. If you live in Medway these details can be accesed here.

Emergency Immigration Advice

If the Advice Centre is closed and you need emergency immigration advice then please visit the UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) webiste where there is a wide range of information and advice available.

UKISA also operate an advice line so if you need to speak to someone about your situation you can call them and discuss your options.

Other Emergency Advice

If the Advice Centre is closed and you have any other query then you could consider contacting your University direct to see if any of their departments could help with your query. If you are a University of Greenwich student then you can contact them here and University of Kent students can contact their University here.

If none of the above has covered the area that you need advice in then you could visit the Citizens Advice Bureau webpage which has a wide range of information and advice available. They also operate local Advice Centre's and have national helpline numbers if you wish to speak to someone directly for advice.  Details on the local office based in Medway can be seen here.