Reward and Recognition


Kent and Greenwich Student Certificate for Volunteering - KSCV / GSCV


We love our volunteers, so rewarding and recognising them is vital. Below you can see the various ways we currently recognise our volunteers.

KSCV (Kent Student Certificate for Volunteering award) and GSCV (Greenwich Student Certificate for Volunteering award) are reward schemes to celebrate the commitment of our volunteers, the more hours of volunteering you record on your Toolkit, the better the reward. For more information or to arrange a review please contact

KSCV Bronze Award

Bronze Award

  • 25 volunteer hours
  • Rank your employability skills
KSCV Silver Award

Silver Award

  • 50 volunteer hours
  • Log at least 6 examples of your employability skills
  • Attend a Silver review
KSCV Gold Award

Gold Award

  • 100 volunteer hours
  • Attend a training session
  • Re-rank your employability skills
  • Submit a Gold written review
KSCV Gold+ Award

Gold+ Award

  • 200 volunteer hours
  • Re-rank your employability skills


Volunteer of the Month


Is there a fellow student who has exceeded in volunteering? If so, you can nominate them for Volunteer of The Month: Nominations are viewed by the Medway Volunteer Committee who will choose a winner. The winner will then receive a £20 Amazon gift voucher plus a certificate.

To nominate please click this link here.


Jekka Jeyathansan


Jekka had taken the initiative at the start of the year, when she noticed her society wasn't getting much engagement, which led to her wanting to create a big annual event to put themselves on the map. She planned and executed a night event in the Deep End from start to finish, mainly herself and with the help of her friends, including guest performers, a DJ and photo booth. She showed great management skills and has set the standard for next year's event. The effort she put into making it a good night for her attendees is admirable.

Jekka receives a certificate and a £20 Amazon voucher.

Also nominated was:

Adrian Leong

Adrian did a fantastic job helping to get students on the buses to Varsity. He walked up to the bus stop 5 times in the pouring rain to check students on to the bus - always with a smile, never complaining about how wet and cold he was getting. Adrian was a great help and we couldn't have done it without him.

Jeena John


Jeena has taken the lead on organising the post pals sessions at the student hub and encouraging other students to take part. She has also organised a session at the Drill Hall Library to try and engage more students. Jeena is very passionate about Post Pals and without her efforts we would not be running regular sessions.

Jeena receives a certificate and a £20 Amazon voucher.

Hazel Chan


Hazel has been proactive since the society was created and jumps at the chance to get involved. She gave lots of advice in what to do for the Chinese New Year celebrations and also led a very successful calligraphy session, where she confidently encouraged students to get involved.

Hazel receives a certificate and a £20 Amazon voucher. The photo is of Priya, GK societies coordinator, presenting Hazel with her awards.

The following student was also nominated for February:

Oliver Silver

James Woodyer


James has fantastic production skills which he put to use to help us out when our four water ballasts were emptied by a member of the public shortly before we were due to use them for an outdoor screening. James stayed late top supervise the refilling of the ballasts in his own time and came up with techniques to avoid the same thing happening again. He's an asset to the events team and there are lots of things we couldn't do without James!

James receives a certificate and a £20 Amazon voucher. The photo is of Jenni, GK Volunteer Projects Coordinator, presenting James with his awards.

Arun Silva

President of Music Society


Arun has been going above and beyond to put on events for Music Society. He's already established Tuesday nights as 'Music Nights' in the Deep End and has been liaising with Yasmin to put on GIAG sessions and get more people involved with Music. He has also been collaborating with various other societies to put on events, lending instruments and even providing expertise to them.

Arun receives a certificate and a £20 Amazon voucher. The photo is of Jo Hollamby, GK receptionist, presenting Arun with his awards.

The following two students were also nominated:

Katie James

Get Crafty Young Carers session

Jemma Patrick

Shoebox Appeal

Kwame Osei Owusu

ACS Society President


Kwame has taken the initiative to work with Kent's Afro Caribbean Society to put on a very popular event with them. He has also recognised the need to address issues the society is having and held an ACS forum, where members/non-members could come and talk about how they can improve. He has also shown entrepreneurial efforts by providing discounts with local businesses for members. Lastly, he has placed an emphasis on holding events that show off the diversity of their members and celebrates everyone equally.

Kwame receives a certificate and a £20 Amazon voucher. The photo is of Priya, GK societies coordinator, presenting Kwame with his awards.

The following two students were also nominated for October:

Richard Tabeart

Kent Wildlife Trust

Nadia Mcmillan