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Within GK Unions we have hundreds of volunteers!

Volunteers are central to the GK Unions family, supporting us to deliver our Charitable Purpose to over 9,000 members. To empower you to do this to the best of your ability you will find lots of handy resources and information on the page below, alongside the training and support provided to you in your role.  

Welcome to the family!

We have loads of handy resources to help you get the most from your GK Unions role.
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Download the volunteering handbook for tons of information to help you.
We love our volunteers, so rewarding and recognising them is vital, from GSCV/KSCV to Volunteer of the Month, we have lots on offer.
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Journey of Our Volunteers

Our volunteers go on a journey with us. Have a look at some of our past volunteers, how they got involved with GK Unions and where their journey took them. 

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People Plan

The plan sets a new and exciting direction for Kent Union, with many new initiatives and ambitious goals. One of the aspects of the new Plan is to integrate our career staff, student staff and student volunteers.;