Advice Centre

GK Unions runs a free, impartial and confidential Advice Service to help you with all your academic interests - just ask and we will help!

SUUG Faculty Reps

There are 16 Faculty Officers who go along to Faculty level meetings and ensure your academic interests are being met.

Academic Societies

Last year, Kent Union lobbied the University to completely fund academic communities, meaning you can now join for free!

Vice-President Education

The Vice-President Education is elected by you to represent your academic interest full-time to the University.

Above and Beyond

This year Kent Union have had 143 members of University staff nominated by students to celebrate great teaching, and going above and beyond!

Academic Societies

SUUG has 29 different Academic Societies who put on a range of events and activities to enhance your experience outside of your direct studies!



Sustainability Fair
22nd March 11am - 1pm
Pilkington Cafe
The Natural Science Society will be hosting a stall on 'How to be more sustainable' which will include consumable products and information for reducing your carbon footprint and what sustainable goals we can achieve and how.
GIAG: Ice Skating
22nd March 12:30pm - 4pm
Meet at the Student Hub
You’ve all seen this year’s Winter Olympics - it’s all well and good seeing it on TV but wouldn’t you prefer your time to shine?
Flip Out
22nd March 4:30pm - 6:30pm
Meet at the Student Hub
The growingly popular pass-time of trampolining and foam pits. Sounds simple but we can’t get enough.
  • SUUG

    Meike Imberg

  • Kent Union

    Ruth Wilkinson

  • SUUG Vice-President Activities

    Louis Hale

  • Kent Union Vice-President Activities

    Aaron Thompson

  • SUUG Vice President Education

    Vivian Van Lent

  • SUUG Vice President Welfare

    Luke Ellis

  • Kent Union Vice-President Welfare

    Clara Lee

  • Kent Union Vice-President Education

    Stuart Lidbetter