Pokemon Go!
28th September 4pm - 6pm
Meet at Coopers
Calling all Pokemon Go Players! Did you know we have Pokestops and a Gym on Campus. Come and meet other players and explore the campus. You could even set up an official Pokemon Society - it's really easy!
30th September 5:30pm - 6:30pm
Greenwich Sports Hall (Medway Campus)
Love to Dance or just want to try it? This is the session for you as it caters for all abilities. If you'd like to be able to dance more, then why not set up a Dance Society? It's really easy. More info can be found on the Societies page!


  • SUUG President

    Scarlett Dempsey

  • Kent Union President

    Rory Murray

  • SUUG Vice-President Activities

    Louis Hale

  • Kent Union Vice-President Activities

    Ruth Wilkinson

  • SUUG Vice President Education

    Vivian Van Lent

  • Kent Union Vice-President Education

    Dave Cocozza

  • SUUG Vice President Welfare

    Luke Ellis

  • Kent Union Vice-President Welfare

    Clara Lee

  • Kent Union Vice-President Sport

    Elliot Shell